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Online Auction Warning

ZON Whole House Digital Audio products and accessories are sold throughout the world via a network of qualified ZON dealers. We rely on our qualified dealers to provide the latest information about our growing product family, as well as count on them to provide accurate information, support and service. There are occasions when our products are offered for sale outside our dealer network (e.g. eBay), and as with any high-end electronic device, there are pitfalls to watch out for.

Know What You Are Purchasing

Finding a good deal for something you want is a rewarding experience. However, good deals can have hidden strings attached. Be aware that ZON products purchased outside our dealer network may not be eligible for warranty coverage.

Don't assume that the person behind the sale is an authorized Oxmoor dealer or that they are familiar with the product they are selling. (e.g. whether it's new in the box, in good working condition, etc.). Our web site provides a listing of U.S. dealers, but when in doubt don't hesitate to contact us.

Cautions Regarding Auctions and "For Sale" Boards

Great deals can be found at auction sites, but remember that sites like eBay and other Internet "For Sale" boards have little or nothing to do with the item(s) being sold. We have contacted auction sites that advertised known damaged and/or stolen ZON hardware, but received little or no cooperation from the seller. The old adage "buyer beware" still applies.

It is our recommendation that consumers attempt dealings with auction sites and "For Sale" boards with extreme caution. Here are some helpful tips:

  • Request the original proof of purchase (sales order, invoice, etc.) and then verify the validity of the proof of purchase.
  • Obtain serial numbers of the item(s) being purchased. Once you have a serial number, Oxmoor can help you obtain the history of the product.
  • Know your after-the-sale options before you buy/bid. Know what the potential replacement/repair costs are, and find out what the seller will do if the product does not work. Always get this in writing, and keep it for your records.

We encourage you to contact us at any time if you have questions about a ZON product that you see for sale on an auction site or "For Sale" board.

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