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Frequently Asked Questions

I've set up a monitoring premission for a zone, but don't see it on the ZAC-60. What's wrong?

Monitoring works between ZAC-60s on the same router. Chances are, the zone you are looking for is on a different router.

If you are looking for a zone on the same router, and still don't see that zone in the SELECT SOURCE menu on the ZAC-60, you may need to make certain that you have set the monitoring permission with the ZON serial configuration utility.

The ALLOW MONITORING menu in the ZAC-60 PREFERENCES menu allows you to toggle the preference after the permission has been set. For example, if the zone has a monitoring permission set, but you want to temporarily disable monitoring in that zone, you should use the option in the ZAC-60 to do that. When you want to resume the ability to monitor, use the same to enable the feature.

Last updated: 20-Apr-2004 10:21 AM PDT

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