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Frequently Asked Questions

Can my media server integrate with the ZON system?

Yes, the audio output from your media server can be used by the ZON system as long as you can provide either an analog, optical or digital coax audio output to connect to a ZIM-4 input module.

Each ZIM-4 input module provides an IR output for an IR flahser (or "bug"), so it is possible for you to control the media server via IR commands. The ZIR-232 expansion module for the ZON router allows you to create IR and/or RS-232 macros that can be accessed from the ZAC-60 display, so it would be possible to add advanced control of your media server. For example, you can create playlists and use our advanced controls to select and play those lists remotely.

The feature of sharing the meta data embedded with the audio inside your media server (e.g. song title, artist, album)is not currently supported by ZON hardware.

Last updated: 2-Jun-2004 8:33 AM PDT

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