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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I control my sources with the ZON system?

You can control connected audio sources in two ways:

Via IR Remote: With the target audio source selected on the ZAC-60, you can use the device's remote or a pre-programmed remote (like a Harmony remote) to send IR commands via the ZAC-60 directly to the IR output on the ZIM-4 input module for that device.

Via the ZAC-60 Display With the use of our optional ZIR-232 Device Commander (an expansion module for the ZON router), you can assign IR key codes to icons that appear on the ZAC-60 display in a special controls menu.

To use either method, you would need an IR bug (or flasher) connected to your device and it's ZIM-4 input module in order to complete the IR signal path.

Last updated: 1-Jun-2004 2:21 PM PDT

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