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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have speaker wire homerun throughout my home. Can I use this with ZON?

Maybe. In many cases, the speaker wire that is installed, and home run to a central location in the home can be used for a ZON retro-fit. We provide a speaker wire adapter kit that will allow you to use two individually twisted speaker wire pairs as ZAC-60 to ZON router connections.

The adapter, model ZWA-2, allows you to use some types of wire, based on these minimum guidelines:

  • Each wire run must consist of four (4) conductors, configured as two (2) distinct, individually twisted pairs.
  • When using jacketed cable, each conductor of a connection pair must be contained within the same jacket.
  • Each conductor must be a minimum of 18-gauge.
  • Each conductor must be continuous from end to end and have not active or passive components connected.
  • No voltages present on any conductor (with respect to any other conductor or earth).

Keep in mind that wire type, length and other factors must be considered when planning to use the ZWA-2. Wire runs used in conjunction with this kit are limited to 100 feet.

For more information or help with the ZWA-2 speaker wire adapter kit, please contact Oxmoor Technical Support.

Last updated: 6-Oct-2004 7:15 AM PDT

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