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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install the system by my self?

While the ZON system is quite straight forward to use, it may require the assistance of a trained audio integrator to install completely and correctly.

A qualified ZON dealer/integrator will be able to help you design the system to meet your needs, while also providing the best services for wire installation and terminations. After trim out, the qualified ZON dealer will be useful in helping you set up and customize your system. Our dealers also have excellent choices for loudspeakers, source equipment and other hardware that can make the system what you expect, and what you will enjoy.

Using a qualified ZON dealer will also make certain that the installation is covered by our factory warranty. While no one is perfect, there are some things that can happen during an installation that would cause damage to hardware that is not covered under the factory warranty. That's why we suggest that you rely on the help and service of a trained professional.

Last updated: 20-Apr-2004 1:03 PM PDT

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