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Frequently Asked Questions

I see the green status LED above the ZAC-60 connection jacks blink on and off occassionally. Is this normal?

The LED indicator above the ZAC-60 connection jacks provide status of several conditions. In a green state, this indicates that the router and the ZAC-60 have a working, bi-directional communication link. A solid red LED indicates that there is a wiring fault between the router and the ZAC-60. You should refer to the ZON Installation and User's guide for information on how to troubleshoot such a condition.

When the LED indicator goes from green to off, and back to green, that indicates that the router and the ZAC-60 are "unlocking" and then "re-locking". This unlock, relock pattern can be the result of a system sample rate change, a source being plugged/unplugged from the system, or similar event. It is normal for this to happen. However, if this unlock, relock pattern is consistent over a short period of time, or if the ZAC-60 and the router cannot achieve a steady lock, check your system wiring for intermittent connections or other faults. If you have checked your wiring and still have the same issues, then you should contact Oxmoor technical support for additional help in troubleshooting the condition. There could be a problem with a source, another piece of ZON hardware, or there could be a wiring problem.

Last updated: 19-Oct-2004 12:00 AM PDT

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