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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the ZIR-232 be used to control devices not connected to the ZON system?

The ZIR-232 generates and sends IR through the ZON system to ZIM-4s connected to the ZON router(s) and to the Local IR Output on the ZON router. Typically, devices that are part of the ZON system (i.e., audio sources) get their IR information through the IR output jack on a ZIM-4. Devices external to the ZON system that you wish to include in your control design can receive IR signals from the ZON system via the Local IR Output on the ZON router. This IR output is a sum of all of the IR traffic on the router.

Depending upon your design and/or need, you may need to include additional IR hardware (e.g., connector blocks, distribution blocks, etc.) to insure that your IR signals and IR emitters function properly.

Last updated: 19-Oct-2004 7:07 PM PDT

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