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Frequently Asked Questions

Will a ZAC-60 fit a double-gang box?

No. Harkening back to our kindergarten days, the ZAC-60 is a square, and a double-gang box is a rectangle, and we all know what happens when you try to fit a square peg in a rectangle-shaped hole - tears and frustration.

The rough opening for a ZAC-60 is approximately 4.25 inches square. The ZAC-60 does not require a back box for mounting, as it features self-mount tabs (similar to mounts for ceiling loudspeakers or an "old work box").

Fortunately, no back box is required! ZAC-60 amplifiers can be directly mounted in walls with no box.

For new construction, we offer a rough in kit for the ZAC-60. This kit contains a mounting bracket that will "locate" the final position of the controller and help create a clean opening for the ZAC-60 during wall construction. For more information about the rough in kit, visit our accessories page and look up model RIK-60.

Last updated: 2-Jun-2004 9:11 AM PDT

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