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ZAS-130 Distributed Audio System

Distributed Audio Made Simple

The new ZAS-130 Distributed Audio System is an economical way to experience distributed audio as only ZON can deliver. Based on our award-winning, all-digital architecture, the ZAS-130 is the answer to the same-old, same-old whole house audio products. The single-source, multi-zone system comes with all of the ZON hardware you need to distribute audio to four separate listening zones. The system is stackable to accommodate virtually any number of listening zones.

At the heart of the system is the new ZR-14 Router. Measuring 6.5 inches wide, 6 inches tall by 2.0 inches deep, its size is ideal for most structured wiring cabinets, or can be tucked away in the equipment rack. No software or setup is required. Just plug and enjoy. The ZR-14 router ships with a ZPS-150 power supply.

A single audio input via the included ZIM-4 Input Module means you have awesome flexibility — not only can you locate the input module virtually anywhere, you can connect today's digital-ready audio sources directly to the ZON system. All audio information is digitally processed at the module, ensuring the best sound possible everywhere in your home.

We've based this system on our very smart, but simple ZAC-30jr Audio Controller Amplifier (four included). Enjoy audiophile quality sound with 30 Watts in each listening zone. The system's built-in IR pass-through feature allows you to control your source from any of the ZAC-30jr controllers with a pre-programmed or learning remote.

With an optional ZON System Remote you can adjust bass, treble, balance and EQ settings, further enhancing your listening pleasure. The onboard digital stereo amplifier in the controller is located in the room where the speakers are, thus eliminating the need to install costly runs of speaker wire back to the head-end.

Both the Input Module and Controller are single-gang sized devices, so you can integrate them using readily available single-gang low voltage rough in hardware or low-voltage brackets. Optional color kits are available for the input module and controllers so that the system can easily match both your style and decor.

Whether you are making your personal music server as big as your house, or bringing the concert hall to your kitchen or patio, the ZAS-130 system is an excellent choice to enjoy today's technology at prices that are reminiscent of the days gone by.


› Single-source, Multi-zone system
› Based on ZON's award-winning all-digital architecture
› Comes with all of the ZON hardware in one convenient kit
› Distribute audio for four separate listening zones
› Daisy chain additional systems to accommodate virtually any number of listening zones
› IR pass-through to control the source from any ZAC-30jr controller with your remote control
› No software or setup is required — Just plug and play
› System remote control included

ZAS-130 System Includes

› 1 ZR-14 Router
› 1 ZIM-4 Input Module
› 4 ZAC-30jr Audio Controller/Amplifiers
› 1 ZPS-150 Power Supply
› 1 ZSR-4 System Remote

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