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ZON Router (ZR-14)

Simple, All-Digital Reliability

The ZON ZR-14 Router is the focal point for ZON's ZAS-130 Distributed Audio System. The ZR-14 is a single source, four zone system that provides power, audio and IR pass-through to and from each remotely located ZON ZAC-30jr Audio controller. It features a 24-bit digital audio path for unsurpassed audio quality and performance.

The ZR-14 is ideal for structured wiring applications. ZON ZAC-30jr Audio Controllers and a ZON Input Module connect to the ZR-14 via CAT-5e or CAT-6 wire and 8P8C modular jacks. The Router is flush or structured wiring enclosure mountable. It measures 6 inches high by 6.5 inches wide and is approximately 2.0 inches deep.

Multiple ZR-14 units can be linked together for easy and efficient system expansion (expandable to virtually any number of listening zones).


› Four zones, expandable to virtually any number of listening zones
› Digital quality and reliability
› IR pass through to control the source from any ZAC-30jr controller
› Easily mounts in most structured wiring distribution devices
› Connects with CAT-5e or CAT-6 wire
› No need to have costly "home runs" of speaker wire
› Low power consumption

The ZR-14 is sold as part of the ZAS-130 Distributed Audio System.





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