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ZON Device Commander (ZIR-232)

Advanced IR and RS-232 Control

The ZON Device Commander is a new generation of home theater and multi-media device controllers. The ZIR-232 controls nearly all of today's popular brands of home theater and multi-media devices, all from one convenient module designed exclusively for the ZON ZR-98 Router.

The ZIR-232 provides unprecedented flexibility. External devices can be controlled via IR, RS-232 or a combination of both. The Device Commander comes with an extensive pre-programmed library of the most often-used home theater and multi-media IR codes. And for speciality equipment, there is a simple to use learning feature, which will memorize most any remote's IR codes and store them in on-board non-volatile memory.

In addition to IR control, the Device Commander features a bi-directional RS-232 port to extend control capabilities to home automation and home entertainment devices. Control commands stored in the ZIR-232 are integrated with the ZON ZAC-60's revolutionary user interface and the ZON Router's on board RS-232 port. Icons and/or text labels are assigned to stored commands and can be selected directly from a ZAC-60 display. Custom command configuration software allows full integration with the ZON system.


› Occupies a single ZON Router Expansion Bay
› Controls devices from a ZAC-60 user interface
› Extensive library of the most popular home theater and multi-media devices
› IR learning functions
› Stores hundreds of macros in on board non-volatile memory
› RS-232 port integrates with home automation and home entertainment devices
› Only one ZIR-232 required for most multi-router systems
› Field updatable non-volatile memory
› Custom command configuration software

2004 Electronic House Product of the Year





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