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ZON External Paging Interface (ZEP-11)

Expanded Paging Capabilities

The ZEP-11 External Paging Interface expands the capabilities of the ZON whole house digital audio system. Integrate telephone and security systems, intercoms - and even weather radios - into a ZON system quickly and easily.

Custom engineered for the ZON ZR-98 Router, the ZEP-11 features an auto-sensing audio input (single RCA jack). An adjustable VOX threshold setting allows you to fine tune the sensitivity of the autosensing input. Audio received by the ZEP-11 is automatically routed to the paging bus and processed according to the paging configuration(s) in place for the ZON system.

A dry contact closure "trigger" adds additional flexibility. When used alone, the trigger is suitable for creating a system-wide mute, allowing the system to mute on external events such as doorbells, telephone and security systems. The trigger can also be used in conjunction with the page bus input to add sound to external events.


› Auto-sensing page bus input with adjustable VOX threshold setting
› Dry contact closure trigger
› Page Bus input audio automatically routes to selected zones
› Occupies a single ZON Router expansion bay





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