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ZON Doorbell Module (ZMP-3)

MP3 Enabled to Make Your House Rock

The ZON Doorbell Module is an economical way to add creative and unique digital audio to today's ZON enhanced home. It plugs neatly into any of four ZON ZR-98 Router expansion slots and enables triggering of customer created audio for doorbells, driveway sensors, motion detectors and other similar devices. Only one doorbell module is required to work throughout the house, regardless of the ZON system's size.

The module plays any one of five different audio files via five contact closures on the diminutive device. MP3 files of variable length from a split second to hours can be stored onto any standard size SD memory card. The length of the audio segments is only limited by the capacity of the SD card which can be freely changed as the user desires.

MP3 files are copied onto an SD card using a personal computer or PDA. The SD card is then simply inserted into the ZON Doorbell Module attached to one of the ZON ZR-98 Routers. Different songs or sounds can be uniquely used for doorbells, driveway sensors, motion detectors and the like.


› Occupies a single ZR-98 expansion slot
› Plug-and-play (no programming is necessary to play custom audio files)
› Comes with default, built in doorbell sounds that don't require an SD card
› Only one ZMP-3 Doorbell Module is required, regardless of ZON system's size
› Easy to customize by copying MP3s downloaded from a computer or PDA onto a SD card
› Audio length is limited only by the capacity of the SD card
› Allows unique sounds to differentiate doorbells, driveway sensors, motion detectors and more





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