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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I configure or customize my ZON system?

The ZON serial configuration utility, allows the installing dealer/integrator to configure the ZON system. The software utility allows one to do things like:

  • Create unique and realistic names for inputs to the ZON router (e.g. MEDIA ROOM DVD or MASTER BEDROOM).
  • Set the input trim for individual sources.
  • Change the order of sources as they will appear in the SELECT SOURCE menu on the ZAC-60 display.
  • Define default paging volume, as well as defualts for the tone controls, balance and EQ settings for each controller.
  • Set which ZAC-60 controllers can receive pages, and also set monitoring permissions.
  • Manage the source and menu content on specific ZAC-60s, which is ideal for parental control.
  • Apply and manage ZON firmware updates when required.

Last updated: 6-Oct-2004 7:15 AM PDT

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