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Frequently Asked Questions

My ZIM-4 connections were all home run to a central location. How do I connect them to the ZON router?

In most cases, ZIM-4s exist in the home design in pairs - meaning that two modules share one CAT-5e or CAT-6 line back to the master ZON router. While it is often convenient to "loop" ZIM-4s, it is equally possible to connect individual ZIM-4s with our optional ZWS-2 adapter.

The ZWS-2 adapter provides three jacks in one molded adapter. Two jacks connect to two individual ZIM-4 connection lines, and one jack carries the merged signals to the ZON router. Simply plug the two ZIM-4 lines that were home run, and connect a standard network patch cable between the adapter and the ZON router. For more information on the ZWS-2, contact Oxmoor.

Last updated: 2-Jun-2004 9:03 AM PDT

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