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Frequently Asked Questions

What are my mounting options for the ZON router?

The ZON router ships with a set of mounting ears that allow you to mount the router in one of two ways, flange mounted or flush mounted.

The router's dimensions are: 12.5" high, 11.5" wide and 2.75" deep.

Many people inquire about 19" rack mounting options. Based on our experience, many dealers prefer to flush mount the ZON router to the side wall of the rack near the bottom. This places the unit out of the way, does not consume rack space, and provides easy access to the router. There are some rack shelf kits available from rack vendors that can allow you to place the router on a rack shelf and only consume about 2U (or 3U if you use a vented panel) of space. Call Oxmoor Technical support if you have a particular 19" rack mounting requirement.

Last updated: 20-Apr-2004 3:50 PM PDT

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