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Frequently Asked Questions

I have eight ZIM-4 input modules, but only see four input jacks on the router. Where do the other four go?

The system supports up to eight ZIM-4 input modules. Input modules connect to the routers in pairs. If you look closely at the router, you will notice that the jacks for "FROM ZON INPUT MODULES" have two LEDs per jack, and are labeled 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8.

While it is often convenient to "loop" ZIM-4s, it is equally possible to connect individual ZIM-4s with our optional ZWS-2 adapter.

You should take a look at the ZON Installation and User's guide for the proper method for connecting ZIM-4 input modules to the ZON system.

Last updated: 2-Jun-2004 9:12 AM PDT

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