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Frequently Asked Questions

I have more than one ZON router. How do these link together?

To link two or more ZON routers together, there are three basic steps:

Step One: You should set the MASTER/SLAVE switch appropriately on the routers. There can only be one Master router in the system.

Step Two: Link ZIM-4 input modules. Below the input module jacks, you will find loop out jacks. The input modules loop out of the first router, and into the input of the second, and so on.

Step Three: Link the routers. There are IN and LOOP router link jacks on the router. You connect a piece of CAT-5e or CAT-6 in the LOOP jack of the master router, and in to the IN jack on the second router, and so on.

You should refer to the ZON Installation and User's guide for more details on how this is accomplished.

Last updated: 18-Oct-2004 11:58 PM PDT

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