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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is theZIR-232 programming software?

The ZIR-232 programming software is included inside later releases of the ZON Serial Configuration Utility (build 124 and later). To access the programming utility for the ZIR-232, you will need to have the right version of ZON Config, and need to connect to a ZON router that has an installed ZIR-232.

Once connected, click on the "Expansion Modules" tab of ZON Config. You will see all of the devices currently installed in the expansion bays of the ZON router. Click the "Configure" button shown under the ZIR-232 entry.

For more information on how to use the ZIR-232 software, consult the ZIR-232 User's Guide. This document is available for download in our "downloads" section of the ZON website.

Last updated: 18-Oct-2004 11:54 PM PDT

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