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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a 25 or 70 volt loudspeaker system with ZON?

The ZON system's ZAC-60 Audio Controller/Amplifier supports distributed loudspeaker systems. The most efficient use of the ZAC-60's amplifier in a distributed loudspeaker system is when you use 25 volt transformers tapped at the appropriate wattage. The appropraite wattage tap depends upon the number of loudspeakers that you wish to use. In general, if you plan to use 10 to 15 pairs of 8 ohm loudspeakers, you would use a 25 Volt transformer tapped at 5 Watts. Six to nine pairs would require 25V tapped at 15 Watts. Four to five pairs would require 25V transformers tapped at 30 Watts.

Use of a 70 Volt system is possible, but it is typically not an efficient use of the ZAC-60's amplifier. For more information on how to integrate a 70 Volt line with ZON, contact Oxmoor technical support.

Last updated: 18-Oct-2004 11:11 PM PDT

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