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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of loudspeakers do you recommend?

You can spend anything you want on loudspeakers, however, you should consider what your particular application will require. Your qualified ZON dealer can help you determine the right loudspeaker for your application, as they work with all types and brands of speakers. In general, we recommend Klipsch loudspeakers for most all of your applications.

The amplifier used in the ZAC-60 Audio Controller/Amplifier is an exceptionally good amplifier, so you should choose the best loudspeaker your budget will allow. Your choice will not be limited by the performance of the ZON amplifier.

Most loudspeaker manufacturers tell us that they sell more in-ceiling loudspeakers than in-wall. As a general rule, most in-wall loudspeakers have an advantage over in-ceiling because they offer larger components. You should also consider floor-to-floor leakage when using in-ceiling loudspeakers where there is a floor above the room with speakers. Room-to-room leakage is a consideration when using in-wall loudspeakers.

Last updated: 6-Oct-2004 7:18 AM PDT

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