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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I mount a ZAC-60 outdoors?

We provide an outdoor enclosure for the ZAC-60, called a ZOE-60. The ZOE-60 is intended for use in outdoor locations, however, it is not intended to be "weather proof". The ZAC-60 Audio Controller/Amplifier is not rated or intended for use in "wet locations". Reasonable care should be taken in determining the mounting location of the ZOE-60/ZAC-60 combination.

The ZOE-60 should be installed in a location that provides some shelter from the elements - such as an eave, awning or similar. You should also avoid locating the ZOE-60 in direct sunlight. Operation of the ZAC-60 enclosed in the ZOE-60 should be done with the ZAC-60 mini remote, taking care not to operate the ZAC-60 with wet hands or while standing in water.

Refer to the ZOE-60 assembly and installation instructions for more details.

Last updated: 19-Apr-2004 4:02 PM PDT

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