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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you change a ZAC-60 faceplate? Can you tell me how to do it?

The ZAC-60 ships in our signature color, Titanium. We offer a variety of colors (such as NEMA white, ivory, black and primed). To see all that we offer beyond our signature color, visit our accessories page.

To remove the faceplate, use your fingers only! Lift up and out on the bottom center of the faceplate. With a small amount of pressure, the faceplate should come off easily.

To remove the jog wheel, you will need a small flat blade screw driver and a 7/16" nut driver. Remove the center cover of the jog wheel by carefully prying off the cover. You should use extreme caution - you can easily damage the plastic parts during this step. Once you have the cover removed, use a nut driver to loosen the nut on the shaft.

Installation is the reversal of removal, however, you should note that it is possible to overtighten the nut, and it is possible to install the jog wheel too close to the face of the controller. We recommend that you hold the jog wheel securely with one hand while tightening the retaining nut with the other, taking care not to force the jog wheel down onto the face of the controller, or to over tighten the nut.

Last updated: 18-Oct-2004 11:21 PM PDT

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