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Advantages of the ZON Whole House Audio System


ZON from Oxmoor offers the latest advancements in technology to provide the integrator/installer with a new approach to solving today's distributed audio design and integration challenges.

Innovative Engineering

The ZON Audio Amplifier/Controller (ZAC-60) features a super-efficient, full bandwidth 60-Watt all-digital amplifier. An onboard DSP provides tonal controls (bass, treble), balance, loudness and EQ settings for fine-tuning the room's listening quality.

The ZON Input Module (ZIM-4) simplifies audio source connection to the distributed audio system by providing connections for just about any type of audio source. The ZIM-4 provides a digital (Coax) connection, an optical (TOSLink) connection and an analog (RCA) input with loop-through connections. Analog signals are converted to digital information right at the module via the ZIM-4's on-board 24-bit A/D converter.

The ZON Router (ZR-98) neatly organizes the head-end functions of the distributed audio system. The ZR-98 provides power, audio, control and communications for the entire distributed audio system. Designed to integrate fully with organized wiring designs, the ZR-98 fits most distribution devices, greatly increasing the design flexibility of the system, while reducing "cable clutter." The ZR-98 can also be rack or flange mounted.

Installer Friendly

The ZON family uses the wire (CAT-5e or CAT-6) and connectors (8P8C Modular Jacks/Plugs) that are common to today's integrators and installs quickly. All of the components of the ZON system are easy to trim-out and require very little custom installation labor.

System setup is streamlined with an optional Ethernet/LAN interface that provides a built-in web server to "flash" controllers and routers in the system. Future firmware updates and upgrades can be easily applied to existing product installations on-site or via the Internet, again saving valuable time and labor.

Simple and Usable

The ZON family of products is designed to make everyday operation simple. The high resolution, integrated dot matrix display provides a highly legible readout during use, and then dims to be unobtrusive. The display features an easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows the consumer to make selections based on realistic names (i.e., "Den CD Changer" or "Joey's Bedroom".)

Individual ZON Audio controllers are simple to operate using the intuitive multi-function jog wheel. The default state of the controller is a volume control. Source selection is as simple as pushing the jog wheel to view the available sources and then scrolling to make a selection. In addition to choosing volume and source, the jog wheel can be used to control EQ, loudness, tone, balance, and change system parameters.

Turning the jog wheel adjusts volume level, and source selection is as simple as pushing the jog wheel to view available sources on the GUI. Turning the jog wheel again allows the user to scroll through the list, another push makes the selection. In addition to volume and source selection, the jog wheel is used to control EQ, loudness, balance and change system parameters.


Though the technology behind the infrastructure of ZON Whole House Audio is significantly advanced beyond that of the analog and analog/digital hybrid systems in the marketplace today, it is competitively priced. In fact, it's so attractively priced that integrators can offer a superior quality product at a price point that makes the sales process simple and easy while offering a significant per-unit profit. ZON Audio is simple to install, easy to operate and is a system that will provide a lifetime of high quality, reliable sound enjoyment for the end user.

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