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Distributed Audio for the Home: Challenges and Solutions


Consumer demand for distributed audio for the home is at an all time high while mainstream manufacturers continue to deploy products that are built with antiquated technology. Typical home audio distribution systems available today are behind the pace of technology and reveal gaps in innovative engineering and realistic value.

The Industry Challenges

› Much of the distributed audio industry is focused on developing products that are built with antiquated technology. Many mainstream manufacturers mistakenly assume that installers are comfortable with mediocre products and low-tech approaches and that installers are also happy to pay high-tech prices for low-tech products.

› Mainstream manufacturers of distributed audio equipment have been slow to deploy product applications that reflect the growing trends in consumer electronics and modern organized wiring designs.

› Audio quality and overall system control in the current state of the industry is not proportional to the system price. So-called "high-end" systems deploy the same analog audio platforms of their so-called "low end" neighbors. Sophisticated controls inflate system prices, and simplified control systems often require costly and difficult-to-install "add on" modules.

The ZON Audio Solution

› ZON is an innovative product family that is engineered on modern digital technology. This fresh approach provides the installer with the benefit of improved productivity and profitability with increased market penetration and customer satisfaction.

› Oxmoor Corporation has always been on the leading edge in the development and deployment of innovative audio products that are in step with technological advancements. ZON Whole House Audio products are engineered to take advantage of the features of today's consumer electronics hardware and are designed to integrate with today's organized wiring designs.

› ZON demonstrates that both audio quality and overall system usability can be attainable at prices far below the so-called "high-end" system costs. ZON is a better-engineered product that utilizes the latest in technological advancements to deliver a system that is easy to install and meets the demands of the most discriminating end-user.

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