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Oxmoor Adds Powerful New Options to ZON Audio

Company unveils new modules for enhanced remote control and paging

For Immediate Release (11 November 2003)

(Birmingham, AL) – Oxmoor Corporation today unveiled enhancements to its ZON Whole House Digital Audio System – the ZIR-232 Device Commander and the ZEP-11 External Paging Interface. Responding to many integrator and end-user requests, Oxmoor developed these modules to provide even greater flexibility and functionality to the ZON Whole House Digital Audio product line.

ZIR-232 Device Commander

The ZIR-232 module, also called the Device Commander, controls nearly all of today's popular brands of consumer electronic devices. It also interfaces with most home automation systems – and all from one convenient module designed exclusively for the ZON ZR-98 Router. External devices can be controlled via IR, RS-232, or a combination of both.

The Device Commander comes with an extensive pre-programmed library of the most often-used consumer electronics IR codes. For specialty equipment, there is a simple-to-use learning feature, which will memorize most any remote's IR codes and store them in on-board non-volatile memory.

"The Device Commander really creates a flexible system for the user," said Lynn McCroskey, president and CEO of Oxmoor. "ZON is a plug and play system that works right out of the box without programming. However, for dealers and end users that desire a custom setup to integrate ZON with home control and other entertainment products, this new device is the business."

In addition to IR control, the Device Commander features a bi-directional RS-232 port to extend control capabilities. Control commands stored in the ZIR-232 are integrated with the ZON ZAC-60 Controller/Amplifier's revolutionary user interface and in conjunction with the ZON Router's on-board RS-232 port. Icons and/or text labels are assigned to stored commands and can be selected directly from a ZAC-60 display. Custom command configuration software allows full integration with the ZON system.

ZEP-11 External Paging Interface

The ZEP-11 External Paging Interface expands the capabilities of the standard ZON paging features. Telephone and security systems, intercoms – and even weather radios – are integrated into a ZON system quickly and easily.

Custom engineered for the ZON ZR-98 Router, the ZEP-11 features an auto-sensing audio input (single RCA jack). An adjustable VOX threshold setting allows you to fine tune the sensitivity of the auto-sensing input. Audio received by the ZEP-11 is automatically routed to the paging bus and processed according to the paging configuration(s) in place for the ZON system.

A dry contact closure "trigger" adds additional flexibility. When used alone, the trigger is suitable for creating a system-wide mute, allowing the system to mute on external events such as doorbells, telephone and security systems. The trigger can also be used in conjunction with the page bus input to add sound to external events.

"With the addition of the Device Commander and the External Paging Interface to the system we have taken the ease-of-use equation one step further," McCroskey added. "We also have given our dealers a superb pair of add-ons that are easy to install and that will add to their customers' satisfaction for years to come."

About Oxmoor Corporation

Internationally known for innovative high performance audio products, Oxmoor invented the industry's first digital remote volume control in 1982 and the first all-digital distributed home audio system called ZON in 2002. In 1986 the company was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters.

Oxmoor's professional audio products include room-combining systems, paging hardware and other innovations used in hotels, theme parks, specialty venues, and IMAX Theaters worldwide. Oxmoor researchers also patented Personal Sound Environment® 3-D audio technology that premiered in 1994 at the Sony IMAX Theater in New York.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Oxmoor Corporation, LLC is a leading manufacturer of digital remote volume controls, distribution and buffer amplifiers, mixing matrixes, infrared transmission hardware and room combining systems for commercial and residential audio applications. Oxmoor products are sold worldwide.

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