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ZON Audio Chosen To Provide Heavenly Sound in Lillian, Alabama

Episcopal Church of the Advent is first commercial application of ZON

For Immediate Release (22 January 2004)

(Birmingham, AL) – Oxmoor Corporation today announced that The Episcopal Church of the Advent in Lillian, Alabama (suburban Mobile) has become the first to purchase and install a ZON Audio system for use in a non-residential application. Parishioners and staff members will now be able to hear Sunday sermons amplified and delivered throughout the main sanctuary and other parts of the church campus in unparalleled digital clarity.

The ZON ZR-98 router feeds four primary zones (powered by ZAC-60 Controller/Amplifiers) and fed by eight ZIM-4 Audio Input Module locations. ZAC Controller/Amplifiers are located throughout the facility. This enables selection of any of the eight audio sources from any of the controllers. Due to the size of the main sanctuary, two ZACs are located at opposite ends of the space with the volume controls on both ZAC Amplifiers set to track each other. This setup assures equal distribution of sound throughout the entire room.

The two 60-Watt ZAC-60 Controller/Amplifiers drive up to eight TruAudio CF-8 speakers plus one dual voice coil speaker with impedance matching volume control. This ZON system is also customized with two microphone inputs for voice amplification.

"The ease with which the ZON system went in was eye opening. It's basically a plug-and-play installation," said Chad Hughes owner of Hughes Sound and Security of Andalusia, Alabama, the company that completed the installation.

"After we finished the trim-out we purchased an inexpensive CD/DVD player to test the system and found that the sound blankets the hall perfectly," Hughes added. "As we were finishing other systems, members of the church were coming in with their own CDs to test it out and were just amazed at the quality of the sound."

The Episcopal Church of the Advent is an organized mission under the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

"This is an important milestone for ZON. We knew from the outset that there were key commercial markets that were ideal for ZON applications and churches are but one," said Lynn McCroskey, chairman and CEO of Oxmoor. "We're honored that the Episcopal Church of the Advent has chosen our product and I'm certain they'll be happy with the performance of the system."

About Oxmoor Corporation

Internationally known for innovative high performance audio products, Oxmoor invented the industry's first digital remote volume control in 1982. In 1986 the company was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters. Oxmoor's other professional audio products include room-combining systems, paging hardware and other innovations used in hotels, theme parks, specialty venues, and IMAX Theaters worldwide. Oxmoor researchers also patented Personal Sound Environment® 3-D audio technology that premiered in 1994 at the Sony IMAX Theater in New York.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Oxmoor Corporation, LLC is a leading manufacturer of digital remote volume controls, distribution and buffer amplifiers, mixing matrixes, infrared transmission hardware and room combining systems for commercial and residential audio applications. Oxmoor products are sold worldwide.

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