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ZON Audio Unveils New "Mini-ZAC"

Newest enhancement to ZON family offers greater flexibility in design of listening zones

23 February 2005

(Birmingham, AL) – Oxmoor Corporation, a world leader in the development of high performance audio products, today announced a much-anticipated enhancement to its ZON family of distributed audio products. The company officially unveiled the ZAC-30 Digital Audio Controller/Amplifier and the ZAC-30jr Digital Audio Controller/Amplifier at EH Expo in Orlando.

The ZAC-30 (also known as the "Mini-ZAC" because of its size relative to the well known and larger ZAC-60) is designed for use in smaller rooms such as bathrooms or sunrooms. Like its bigger brother, the ZAC-30 uses the all-digital architecture pioneered by ZON. Unlike its brother, the half-size ZAC-30 controller/amplifier is offered in two versions, one with a full-featured display and another, lower-priced model, called the ZAC-30jr that includes no display. Both versions mount in a standard single-gang trim ring.

The ZAC-30 features ZON's popular Euro-style user interface for source selection, bass, treble, loudness and EQ settings, onboard 30-watt digital stereo amplifier and a built-in infrared receiver. Like other ZON digital products it connects to the ZON system with a single CAT-6 or CAT-5e cable. Loudspeakers connect directly to the ZAC-30 by way of an installation-friendly, removable screw terminal connector. The company expects the first ZAC-30s to be available for installation this spring.

"Installers and end-users told us that they wanted a more compact version of the ZAC for use in smaller rooms but that maintains the high quality sound and many features of the larger ZON controller," said Lynn McCroskey, chairman and CEO of Oxmoor. "We have had a Mini-ZAC on the drawing board from the first days we conceptualized the product, and our engineers have been working very hard to make it a reality."

"I'm very happy with this product and am certain that our customers will be pleased with this addition to the ZON family," he added. "We look forward to supplying both versions of the Mini-ZACs this spring and to bringing new ZON products to market in the near future."

The Mini-ZAC will be on display in the ZON booth (number 106) throughout EH Expo (February 23-26) in the Orlando Convention Center. Oxmoor's ZON Audio team will be on hand to provide additional information for those interested in learning more.

About Oxmoor Corporation

Internationally known for innovative high performance audio products, Oxmoor invented the first digital remote volume control in 1982. In 1986 the company was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters. In addition to the residential ZON product line, Oxmoor's professional audio products are found in hotels, theme parks, and IMAX Theaters worldwide. Oxmoor researchers also patented Personal Sound Environment® 3-D audio technology that premiered in 1994 at Sony Theaters Lincoln Square in New York. Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Oxmoor Corporation, LLC is a leading manufacturer of digital remote volume controls, distribution and buffer amplifiers, mixing matrixes, infrared transmission hardware and room combining systems for commercial and residential audio applications.

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