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ZON Whole House Audio Rapidly Becoming "Whole World" Audio

ZON Dealer network expanded overseas

For Immediate Release (5 March 2004)

(Birmingham, AL) – Oxmoor Corporation today announced that its wildly popular ZON Audio systems are now being made available to markets outside of the United States. The company recently added new dealers and installers in Spain, Italy, South Africa and Lebanon to a growing list of countries where the world's first 100% digital distributed audio system is now being marketed.

ZON is also available in Russia, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Portugal and Canada with negotiations underway to expand the availability of ZON products to other nations in the upcoming months.

"I'm pleased with the success we have enjoyed with our U.S. launch," said Lynn McCroskey, chairman and CEO of Oxmoor. "When we reached a point where we had the network in place to service our dealers and installers in the U.S. I knew the overseas markets would start creating additional demand because of the number of inquiries we had been receiving.

"We're honored to have our new reps in Spain, Italy, South Africa and Lebanon and look forward to a long and rewarding relationship," he added. "I'm confident that ZON will be as popular with end users on other continents as it has been here in North America."

About ZON Audio

ZON Audio by Oxmoor is a 100% digital, whole-house audio system that delivers crystal clear sound with 60 watts of power to every room with absolutely no degradation of sound quality or volume. ZON offers simplified control and management of the home audio environment. Attractive in design and competitively priced, ZON Whole House Audio is an easy-to-install, upgradeable system that includes whole-house paging, baby monitoring, intercom, an available web interface and customizable doorbell/front door modules.

About Oxmoor Corporation

Internationally known for innovative high performance audio products, Oxmoor invented the industry's first digital remote volume control in 1982. In 1986 the company was the first to deliver digital audio for motion picture theaters. Oxmoor's other professional audio products include room-combining systems, paging hardware and other innovations used in hotels, theme parks, specialty venues, and IMAX Theaters worldwide. Oxmoor researchers also patented Personal Sound Environment® 3-D audio technology that premiered in 1994 at the Sony IMAX Theater in New York.

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Oxmoor Corporation, LLC is a leading manufacturer of digital remote volume controls, distribution and buffer amplifiers, mixing matrixes, infrared transmission hardware and room combining systems for commercial and residential audio applications. Oxmoor products are sold worldwide.

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